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Last update on 10/04/2016

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South Fermanagh FL-537
Strule Valley, March 2016
Fairy Water, Baronscourt, Victoria Bridge, Trafalgar- Camus
South Fermanagh FL-536
Omagh, March 2016
Omagh- Construciton projects / high altitude flight.
South Fermanagh FL-535
Omagh, March 2016
New hospital construction- Omagh
South Fermanagh FL-533
Mountfield, February 2016
Mountfield, A505- Cookstown Road, the 'Seven Sisters'
South Fermanagh FL-532
Omagh, February 2016
Various construction projects around Omagh
South Fermanagh FL-531
Omagh, October 2015
Autumnal colours around Omagh
South Fermanagh FL-530
Foyle Valley, October 2015
Foyle valley, Lifford, Porthall, Ballyboe, Listannagh, Moyagh, Donemana, Altnachree , Artigarvan.
South Fermanagh FL-529
Omagh, October 2015
Flight from Omagh to Mountfield and back
South Fermanagh FL-528
Mourne/Foyle Valley, Oct 2015
Foyle valley, Sion Mills,Strabane, Porthall and St.Johnstown
South Fermanagh FL-526
Carrickmore, Sept 2015
Flight to Carrickmore and back
South Fermanagh FL-525
Omagh , September 2015
Local flight around Omagh
South Fermanagh FL-522
Omagh , August 2015
Local flight around Omagh
South Fermanagh FL-521
Omagh , August 2015
Local flight around Omagh
South Fermanagh FL-520
Omagh , August 2015
Omagh and Mullaghcarn mountain
South Fermanagh FL-519
Omagh , June 2015
Local flight around Omagh
South Fermanagh FL-518
Omagh , June 2015
Omagh and the Strule Valley / Newtownstewart
South Fermanagh FL-517
Omagh , June 2015
Local flight around Omagh- Pidgeon top / Gold mine/ Cavanacaw
South Fermanagh FL-516
Omagh , June 2015
Series of photos of Omagh and Newtownsteward in the warm sunny weather.
South Fermanagh FL-515
Omagh , June 2015
General images from around the Omagh area.
South Fermanagh FL-513
Omagh , Apr 2015
The Baronscourt Estate, Crew Bridge, Spamount and Castlederg.
South Fermanagh FL-512
Omagh , Apr 2015
Flight over the 'Fairy Water Valley' Omagh
South Fermanagh FL-511
Omagh , Apr 2015
Images taken from foot mounted camera, on a flight over Omagh
South Fermanagh FL-509
Omagh , Mar 2015
Images from a flight along the Fairy Water to Mullaghcroy, Baronscourt, and back to Omagh along the Strule Valley. Photos include Harry Avery's Castle and a gorse fire near Shanmullagh Road, Omagh.
South Fermanagh FL-508
Omagh , Mar 2015
Photos of Omagh town centre, taken from altitude during the St.Patrick's day celebrations 2015
South Fermanagh FL-507
Omagh , Mar 2015
Photos from around Omagh, including the new hospital build, and demolition of the former Lisanelly Barracks.
South Fermanagh FL-506
Omagh , Dec 2014
Photos from around Omagh on a cold frosty morning in December.
South Fermanagh FL-499
Foyle Valley, Sept 2014
Photos from a series of flights over the River Mourne, Finn and Foyle- including Sion Mills, Glebe, Lifford and Porthall
South Fermanagh FL-497
Omagh , Sept 2014
Flight around Omagh.
South Fermanagh FL-493
Omagh , July 2014
Omagh- high altitude flight. Views of the town during initial climbout, then climbing above the clouds for some spectacular views.
South Fermanagh FL-490
Omagh , June 2014
Local flight from Omagh to Envagh, Pidgeon Top mountain, Goldmine at Cavanacaw and back again to Omagh.
South Fermanagh FL-489
Omagh , April 2014
Some views of the recently completed Cranny Road, linking the Donaghanie Road with the Crevenagh Road. Donaghanie graveyard and Beragh, and surrounding countryside.
South Fermanagh FL-488
Omagh , April 2014
Local flight capturing the demoliton of the former Lisanelly Barracks, and development of the 'Omagh Shared Education Campus'
South Fermanagh FL-486
Omagh , September 2013
Local flight around Omagh- revisiting the Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital construction site, and Donaghanie.
South Fermanagh FL-485
Omagh , September 2013
Local flight around the North West area of the town.
South Fermanagh FL-484
Omagh , August 2013
Flight from Omagh to Newtownstewart, through the Baronscourt Estate, and back along the Strule Valley..
South Fermanagh FL-001/FL-483
July 2004 to July 2013

Summary of some of the best photos during my first 500 hours flying PPG.
Video format (Youtube link Select full screen view and HD)
Archive photosets available here

South Fermanagh FL-483
Omagh , July 2013
High altitude flight over Omagh- max altitude 4100ft, with scattered cloud underneath.
South Fermanagh FL-482
Omagh , July 2013
Return to Donaghanie Graveyard for a closer look at the old burial ground and church
South Fermanagh FL-480
Omagh , July 2013
Series of self portrait photos taken using a front mount extender and GoPro.
South Fermanagh FL-479
Omagh , July 2013
Series of photos taken on a run from Omagh to Seskinore.
South Fermanagh FL-477
Omagh , June 2013
Series of photos taken using a 'chase cam'. The camera was suspended on a cord trailing from the rear of the wing, and stabilised using a 'flight' made from a plastic bottle- very basic kit, but incredibly good results.. See also video for flight 477 in the 'videos' section.
South Fermanagh FL-473
Omagh , June 2013
Series of flying self portrait images taken using GoPro Hero3 and telescopic boom.
South Fermanagh FL-472
Omagh , June 2013
Landscape shots taken around Omagh using GoPro Hero 3 in 'still' mode.
South Fermanagh FL-468
Omagh , April 2013
Series of photos taken in Omagh at the end of the winter season. The landscape is still brown after the cold winter, but showing some signs of recovery.
South Fermanagh FL-467
Omagh , April 2013
Flight around Glenhordial/Southern slopes of Mullaghcarn.
South Fermanagh FL-463
Omagh , September 2012
Mullaghcarn mountain, Omagh
South Fermanagh FL-462
Omagh , September 2012
Flight around Omagh.
South Fermanagh FL-459
Omagh ,
September 2012